Success Stories

Since opening its doors more than 25 years ago, the SHARE Center has had many success stories of individuals who have overcome significant barriers in their lives. Many people come here with a lifetime of trauma and struggles that can only truly be understood by their peers. Having support from your peers in a safe environment and access to a network of resources are critical elements of recovery from homelessness, addiction, and poor mental health. Like many people who have received support from the SHARE Center, the three stories below are about people who have achieved incredible triumph when the odds were stacked against them. Jack, Sharon, Deon, and others continue to be active members of the SHARE Center community as volunteers and positive role models.


Jack is a veteran who after serving in the military, struggled with the transition back into civilian life. With support from the SHARE Center, he was able to overcome some significant challenges. Jack has been free of his addiction for 21 years. He and his wife are doing great and are always giving back to the community.


Six years ago, Sharon was homeless and struggling with addiction. Today, she is celebrating over five years of recovery with a good job and her own place. She is committed to giving back and helping others. Sharon is a true blessing and a valuable member of the SHARE Center community. She leads our weekly support groups for Women, Bi-Polar Disorders, and Narcotics Anonymous. Additionally, she serves as the Secretary of the SHARE Center Board of Directors.


Deon got into some trouble at an early age that followed him throughout his young adult life. He first came to the SHARE Center to fulfill community service requirements. It didn't take long for him to see how people were getting the help they needed and make the decision to get help fo himself. He has been clean for over three years and is a positive peer influence at the SHARE Center as he is always supporting others in their recovery.