Basic Needs

Removing Barriers

Financial and Housing Stability

        Community Meals        Each year, the SHARE Center serves over 30,000 healthy and delicious meals to over 3,500 hungry individuals and families. We work hard to provide a nice atmosphere where families can eat together and people can build social capital and community. Click here for the meals schedule.

              Resources              The SHARE Center has basic needs and household items that allow struggling individuals and families to focus more of their resources on housing and other emergent needs. Available items include: clothing, winter clothing, blankets, hygiene supplies, feminine hygiene supplies, diapers, baby food/formula, shoes, socks, underwear, household cleaners, pet food, and kitchenware.

              Laundry              The SHARE Center does over 3,000 loads of laundry each year for our guests. Not having clean clothes can cause problems with mental and physical health while making it more difficult to find employment.

              Showers              (Coming Fall 2023) Not being able to shower can be a serious detriment to someone's mental and physical health. Along with not having a place to safely keep your belongings, this can also be a significant barrier towards employment and housing.

           Drop-In Services
Drop-In Centers provide a safe space for people who are struggling with mental health and addiction issues. Certified Peer Supports and Recovery Coaches use their experience to help others navigate the road to recovery. We offer numerous support groups, enrichment activities, and opportunities for community inclusion. Click here for a schedule of our support groups.

         IDs & Vital Records          Not having and ID or a birth certificate can be a significant barrier towards employment, housing, education, banking, voting, and even receiving needed social services. The SHARE Center has a partnership with the MI. Secretary of State that allows our clients to use alternative documentation produced by HUD's Homeless Management Information System to obtain a state ID. Fees for MI. IDs and vital records are either waived or covered by the SHARE Center.

            Transportation              Not having a way to get around can make it nearly impossible to maintain employment or run necessary errands. The SHARE Center has bus vouchers available for work and medical related apointments. 

              Computer Lab              These days, not having access to a computer can be a major obstacle toward employment, housing, and applying for social services. We have two computers available for people to use and staff who can help anyone who needs assistance.

        Case Management          The SHARE Center has an Employment and Benefits Coach and other staff who can provide case management services for those needing to stabilize their income. We work closely with clients and community partners to ensure people are placed in an environment where they can succeed. For those who cannot work, we help them understand how the system works and assist them with maximizing their benefits such as social security, disability, food stamps, and housing.
Stabilizing income makes it a lot easier to find affordable housing. We work closely with our network of community partners to find safe, quality, and affordable housing. 

 Community Collaboration The SHARE Center is an active member of several collaborative efforts in the community. These include: the Homeless Coalition of Calhoun Co., the Housing Solutions Board, Hunger-Free Calhoun, and the Emergency Response Consortium. These efforts allow us to identify and solve problems at the systemic level. In 2018, the SHARE Center worked closely with the MI. Coalition Against Homelessness and our state and county legislators to pass legislation needed to create our ID and Vital Record Program. We continue to work with MCAH on issues that impact the people we serve.

Community Meals Schedule

Breakfasts: Monday thru Friday 9:30- 10:30
Lunches: Monday thru Saturday 1-2
Dinners: Monday thru Saturday 5-6 (6-7 every 2nd and 4th Friday)

Support Group Schedule
All groups meet at the SHARE Center.

Men's Group: Wednesdays, 3-4p Topics and Activities: Men's Health, Field Trips, Mental Health, Music, Gardening, and More

Women's Group: Fridays, 1pm | Topics and Activities: Women's Health, Arts and Crafts, Gardening, Field Trips, and More

Life Skills Classes: Thursdays, 10-11am | Topics Include: Anger Management, Conflict Resolution,Employment Skills, Coping Mechanisms, and More.

Dual Diagnosis Support: Saturdays, 1-2:30pm | Group Discussion, Coping Mechanisms, Support

SMART Recovery: Sundays, 2-3pm | SMART Recovery focuses on self-empowerment and addressing the root causes of addictive behavior.

Enrichment Activities

Community Garden
Arts and Crafts
Field Trips
Fun Events